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The “Advance” product is not a regulated lending product.

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Your Pay On-Demand

We've created a better way to access money when you need it, helping you to avoid high-interest credit products.

No interest or hidden fees.

Reasons you'll love using Earnt Its

Salary Advance

The on-demand salary advance is here. Access a portion of your pay whenever you need for a fair one-off fee.

It's cheap. For a small one-off fee of £10 per £100 cashout, you can access your pay as you earn it.

It's fair. No interest or hidden fees, helping you avoid high-interest credit products.

It's simple. Sign up in minutes and cashout in seconds.

Your money when you need it

Open an account in minutes

Opening an account with us takes just minutes and you can do it directly from your mobile.

Access your earnings

Get access to your money, up to £100 per day for any unexpected costs that come up prior to payday. Helping you to avoid

high-interest credit products.

Pay us back when you get paid

When you get paid, we will automatically take the amount you cashed out plus a fair and affordable fee for providing the service.

We aim to make borrowing money fair and simple for everyone

We believe everyone should have access to simple, fair and affordable ways to access money to help cover unexpected costs and smooth our spend over shorter periods. We are building products that will help everyone get to a much better place financially. We are solving the following problems:

Pay cycles holding back our money

Unfair high-interest credit products

Limited savings & actionable intelligence 

No interest or hidden fees


10% APR

Credit Limit


We don't charge interest because we are not lending you money. We enable you to access a portion of your pay as you earn it so you don't have to resort to high-interest credit products. We charge a fair and affordable fee per withdrawal. We think it's important you can compare the cost of using our service Vs other options like high-interest credit products.